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Robot Party Ideas: Games & Activities

Creative Ideas for this Popular Kids Party Theme!

Even before Disney's adorable WALL-E burst onto the big screen, the popularity of robot themed kids parties was on the rise! If you're throwing a robot party for your little one's big day, check out these fabulous, coordinating game & activity ideas by kids party planning expert Lisa Kothari!


When the kids enter the party, have them dress up as Robots using cardboard boxes and foil.  Tape up several cardboard boxes and cut out large enough holes for body, arms and legs. Fit a box for the head with eye holes too. Cover the boxes with tin foil, and cover their arms and legs with tin foil too.

Make a batch of Robot Sugar Cookies. Use either a robot cookie cutter to create edible robots or use simple square-shaped cookie cutters in different sizes to create your robots. Make gray icing by mixing red and green color and then add a small amount of of blue to achieve a bluish gray and then add to your icing.  Have the kids make their Robot cookies, ice them, and decorate with fun candies, i.e. M&Ms, Red Hots, Pez, etc.

Play Pin the Arms on the Robot.  Make your own robot using toilet paper tubes and empty boxes.
Have the kids enjoy a Robot Dancing Competition.  Let them show off their robotic moves and dancing.  Make it a competition and award prizes for best robotic dance moves.

Organize a Robot-Building Contest. Provide glue and cardboard and let the kids build their very own robots. Provide bolts, foil, and small bulbs for the kids to add decorative elements too. Award prizes in various categories, i.e. biggest robot, most realistic robot, coolest robot, smallest robot etc.Make this contest into a relay race and divide the kids into teams who must search the party area for the various robot parts that they need to use to create their own robots.  First team to find all of the parts and build the robot, wins!

Play Robot Says! Using a flashlight, when the light is lit, the kids are robots and must do what the instructions are.  When the flashlight is off, the kids must remain still and ignore robot instructions.  If someone moves when the light is off, he is out.

Make Marshmallow Robots. Provide each guest with toothpicks and different sizes of marshmallows.  Have the kids create their own edible robots that they can eat for a treat at the party!
Host a Robot Cake Walk, instead of the guests stepping on numbers; have them step on pictures of different robots.

Using pinching hand extenders (often found at the local Dollar Store), play Moon Rock Pick Up.  Place different items around the party area that the children must pick up using the extender and then have them place the item into a tin-foil covered box.  Fun items include: glow sticks, neon balls, bolts, etc.  The kids can keep what they pick up!

Lisa Kothari is the founder and president of Peppers and Pollywogs, a kids' party planning company that provides parents with ideas, entertainers, and interesting web-based tools (customized rhymes and cards for your invitations!) to make kids' party planning easy. She has recently written and published Dear Peppers and Pollywogs, What Parents Want To Know About Planning Their Kids' Parties which is available at and Peppers and Pollywogs.