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It's a Wrap!

Transform simple vases into contemporary party decor!

What you’ll need:
- Cylinder-shaped vases
- Scrapbook paper in different, coordinating patterns
- Stapler or adhesive tape
- Ribbon for embellishment, if desired

First, make sure your paper is large enough to wrap all the way around the vase. If you have a very large, oversize vase, you can combine 2 sheets of scrapbook paper or use a roll of high-quality gift-wrap instead.

Next, simple lay the vase down on the paper and wrap it up! You can hold the paper roll in place and slide it off of the vase, staple, then slide back on to create a removeable cover - or use tape/adhesive strips to secure directly onto the vase.

Embellish with a wide fabric ribbon if desired...add flowers...and you’re done!

Wrapped vases are a very easy, inexpensive way to dress up your party - so go crazy and line an entire wall or table center with them! Imagine 8-12 or more of these vases lined up in one long can even use regular glass tumblers inside instead of vases to keep things affordable!

*pictured above Sandbox, Kick the Can, Merry - Go - Round scrappbook papers from American Crafts