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The Party Planner (Hardcover)

The Party Planner (Hardcover)

Author: David Tutera

Photos by: Charles Maring and Jennifer Maring

Published by: Bulfinch (April 27, 2005)


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Tuteras new book, THE PARTY PLANNER, captures the spirit and excitement of his program while offering expert, practical advice for throwing creative, unforgettable, and affordable parties.<br><br>

Heavily illustrated with 175 gorgeous full-color photographs, THE PARTY PLANNER offers Tuteras fresh, sophisticated, and always original tips for creating extraordinary events, from cocktail and dinner parties to holiday entertaining, special occasions, and milestone celebrations. Each chapter is framed by the five senses behind a great party: the look, the scent, the touch, the taste, and the sound — and supplemented by useful sidebars of “Tutera Tips” for additional touches such as invitations, menu ideas, table settings, floral arrangements, and much more.<br><br>

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