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Account Help

How do I create an account?
Creating an account is easy and will only take you a few minutes. Click here to select your preferred membership option and follow the steps to get your account setup.

Why should I upgrade my account?
If you are a local service provider or an online shop, you should upgrade your account so you receive the full benefits of a HWTM membership including listing in our directory of services and providers, recognition as a PRO or SHOP on all instances of your profile and parties, direct external links to your shop, website, social profiles, and much more. Learn more.

How do I upgrade my account?
  • 1. Login to your account
  • 2. Click on Upgrade below your profile photo
  • 3. Select the option that best suits your business-SHOPS are for Local Service Providers and PROs are for Online Vendors
  • 4. Follow the onscreen instructions to upgrade your account and get the benefits of being a part of the Hostess with the Mostess directory.

How do I Change/Add categories to my Pro or Shop Account Listing?
Pro and Shop accounts include one main shop category, i.e. Baked Goods and two shop specialties that you will be listed in, i.e. Cookies, Cake Pops. If you'd like to add more specialties to your account, contact us to upgrade your subscription.

How do I reset my password or change other account information?
  • 1. Login to your account
  • 2. Click on My Dashboard
  • 3. Click on Account Settings below your profile photo
  • 4. Make the changes you'd like to make to your account
  • 5. Click Save Changes

Profile Help

How do I create/update my HWTM profile?
     To create your profile:
  • 1. From your My Profile page, click Profile tab
  • 2. Complete the Basic information
  • 2. Complete the Basic information
    Note: only Standard and Featured accounts are eligible for direct links to external websites.
  • 3. Click Save Changes

How do I add or change my profile picture?
     To add a picture to your profile:
  • 1. From your My Dashboard page, click My Profile and then Profile Picture
  • 2. Click the Browse button and select a picture to upload from your computer
  • 3. Click Submit
    Note: Profile pictures are displayed at 250x300 pixels, maximum

How do I update my style & interests on my profile?
     To update your style and interests:
  • 1. From your My Dashboard page, click My Profile and then Styles & Interests
  • 2. Update your Style and Preferences
  • 3. Click Save Changes

What are badges?
A badge is an image/icon that is provided to all Hostess with the Mostess PROS and SHOPS that allow you to share your HWTM profile information on your own or other websites. It identifies you as a PRO or a SHOP and is linkable to your HWTM profile.

How do I create a badge?
All badges are designed for you and are available for download from [need location to host these] based on your account status. All you need to do is add the image to your site and link it to your profile.

Album Help

How do I create an album?
     To create your photo album:
  • 1. From your My Dashboard page, click My Photos tab
  • 2. Click Create a New Album
  • 3. Add Album Name
    For greater search results, include party name, themes, colors, etc. For example, "Wilson's Wild, Wild West First Birthday Party"
  • 4. Select preferred Privacy settings
    If set to Private, users must have the direct link to view your album. If set to Public, your album will be accessible to all users of
  • 5. Add Album Category (up to 2)
  • 6. Select colors and styles of your party or event
  • 7. Give us the details and share your Hostess with the Mostess moment, whether that's a fun, whimsical party or a fabulous DIY instructional
  • 8. Send a shout-out to the Members who helped make your party/event fabulous by tagging your colleagues. Simply type the Members name and click Search
  • 9. Add photographer credits, including website, if applicable
  • 10. Click Save Changes

How do I edit my photos and albums?
  • 1. Click My Dashboard
  • 2. Click My Photos tab
  • 3. Select Album you wish to edit
  • 4. Click Edit this Album
    • a. Edit Basic album information
    • b. Click Save Changes
    • c. Click Add More Photos and Choose Photos
    • d. Browse for Photos from your computer and click Open
    • e. Click Edit Photos
    • f. Make necessary changes and click Save Changes
    • g. Click Organize Photos to change the order in which your album's images appear
    • h. Click Save Changes

How do I organize my photos and albums?
  • 1. Click My Dashboard
  • 2. Click My Photos tab
  • 3. Select Album you wish to edit
  • 4. Click Edit this Album
    • a. Click Organize Photos
    • b. Drag photo thumbnails to rearrange their order
      • i. To delete a photo, click the pink X in the top right corner
    • c. Click Save Changes when finished

How do I tag party albums so they appear in search?
When tagging your albums and/or photos, make sure that you accurately tag them so they appear in the search results where they should appear.
  • 1. Select your Album Category, i.e. Everyday Celebrations
  • 2. Select your Subcategories (up to 3), i.e. Graduation or Girls Night
  • 3. Select your Colors (up to 3), optional but will further refine search results
  • 4. Select your Style (up to 2), optional but will further refine search results
  • 5. Include a description
  • This is where you really get to show-off your party! Include extra details that will help members find your album such as specific theme keywords, such as Owls or Robots. This is where you include the special information, details and DIY instructions on your party.

How do I get my album saved/clipped more frequently?
Once you've tagged your album accurately, a few best practices are in order.
  • 1. Use good quality images with appropriate lighting.
  • 2. Include accurate and descriptive party details so our members know what is included
  • 3. Don't forget to tag your vendors and colleagues you worked with. This is important as well since many members save albums for the resources inside as well as the images.

What if my party album has more than 50 images?
We realize that some parties are just so fabulous that 50 images are just not quite enough. Many of our members, including our founder, Hostess Jenn, have been creative when uploading large albums by creating two albums and separating them by like items. For example, put all of your tabletop, d�cor, and printables in one album and food and drinks in a second album. Make sure that all tags and titles are the same so all of them come up in the search results.

Why won't my all of photos upload when I selected multiple photos?
This is a very common question. The most common issue is the images are too large or don't meet the required specifications. Image requirements are 3 MB maximum or 600 x 900 pixels maximum.

Clipboard Help

What is the Clipboard?
The Clipboard is the place to save and organize all of your favorite photos into your own album.

How do I Clip items to my Clipboard?
You can save photos in your Member Dashboard to your Default Album, to a Clipboard Album you've already created, or to a new custom album such as "Favorite Centerpieces".
  • 1. To Clip an Album, click "Clip Album" on the top right of the album
  • 2. To Clip an image within an Album, click "Clip Photo" in the bottom right of the photo

Submissions Help

For full submission guidelines, visit our Event Submissions page. Here are a few common questions.

Should I keep my albums private or public if my party is scheduled to be featured?
If you've submitted your album to be featured, it's OK to make it public before the party is featured. To maintain our exclusivity requirement, it still needs to remain only on HWTM or your own personal site/blog/Facebook until it gets submitted elsewhere. If you prefer to keep it private, it will be made public on your feature date.

Do I need to include vendor credits?
Yes, as part of our mission to share great ideas and resources, your specific vendors and colleagues are a big part of this. So, please make sure to include vendor name, vendor role (i.e. caterer), and links to their respective websites. HWTM Members also love to see shopping resources so we also appreciate that additional information.

How many photos do I need to submit for my party?
We need a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 50 un-watermarked images for party submissions. And, while we're talking photos, they should be high quality, at least 800 pixels wide, and we love beautiful detail shots.

Other Help

If you still don't see what you're looking for just let us know.