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30th Birthday/Favorite Things Party (22 photos)


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My girlfriends and I are turning 30 this year. I wanted to do something different for my birthday where we could celebrate all of us. So I hosted a 30th birthday/favorite things party!

How it worked: Each person thought of a $10 item they love. They brought 3 of that same item. Each person’s wine glass had a number 1-12 at the bottom and I had numbers 1-12 folded up in a bowl. The first guest to arrive at the party had the honors of drawing a number from the bowl first. Whoever’s number she drew, she received their favorite thing. Then that person drew a number from the bowl and received that person's favorite thing and so forth. Everyone explained their gifts as they were given out. We repeated the drawing from 1-12 three times so everyone went home with three different favorite things!

I embellished plain white gift bags so everyone could take their new favorite things home. Since the party was to celebrate all our birthdays, every bag included a simple {~$10} gift that I specifically picked out for each long-time friend.

In addition to their favorite things, I also requested everyone bring a favorite appetizer, drink or dessert. We enjoyed a delicious spread of food as we reminisced about the past 15+ years.

After our bellies were full, we played a quick little game of Guess What Year?! I displayed an old picture of me and each guest.  The person that guessed the most years (and places) correctly was the winner! I love that I’ve known each of these girls anywhere from 9 to 27 years ago!

It was a fun and different girls night in with plenty of food, drinks, laughter, memories and new favorite things!

Mindy @ a {day} with lil mama stuart
Chicago, Illinois
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