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Pirates 'n Mermaids Birthday (21 photos)


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* INSPIRATION: I was contacted by a fabulously bubbly and funny Mommy who wanted to throw a great birthday party for her twins who were turning 5. She was telling me that this was going to be the last ‘big’ party for their birthday and she wanted it to be one to remember – no pressure! The challenge upfront was coming up with a theme that would be fun for both of them since we were talking about a boy/girl party. After a few suggestions and tossing back and forth – Pirates And Mermaids ended up being the winner. But no ordinary pirates and mermaids – we were looking for something unique.. we eventually decided on a vintage yet whimsical version. Now onto the paperie ~ I knew exactly what I wanted to share with this adorable family so on the search I went until I came across Luc and Lilah --- Gorgeous Work!

* DECOR: The paperie from Luc and Lilah served as the foundation for the colors, the feel and overall theme. Stephanie listened for what I needed and delivered just so.. The decor consisted of the traditional elements you would find at a mermaid and pirate party; the sea shells, the pirate booty, fish net and star fish.. muted colors of sage greens, steel sea blues, coral and gold filled every nook and cranny of the dessert table.

* FOOD/DRINKS/DESSERTS/CANDY: Of course there were 2 cakes; one for each birthday child! I mean, isnt that normal?? The mermaid cake was a simple cream cake with chocolate sea shells and sand while the pirate cake reflected a cool treasure map from the Old World.. included in the ‘sea’ of desserts were chocolate suckers of sea shells and pirate flags, chocolate covered marshmallows, chocolate covered Oreo cookies, Hershey bars and plenty of other goodies that flooded the table..

* PARTY FAVORS: With so many sweets on the dessert table, the guests were encouraged to fill up their goodie boxes to the brim!

* PARTY ACTIVITIES: Aside from filling on sweets, the guests spent alot of time in front of the camera! I heard there was even a little cake ‘fight’ that broke out filling the venue with tons of laughter and memories that will be hard to forget.


* Photography: Dyal Photography –

* Printables: Luc & Lilah Events –

* Chocolate Covered Oreo  Cookies: Love & Sugar Kisses–

* Cake: American Dream Cakes –

*Chocolate Suckers:Suckers by Steph -

* Chocolate Covered Marshmallows: Hits The Spot-


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