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Clownfish themed birthday party (10 photos)


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As all kids, the 2 I made this Sweet Table for were into Nemo and all ocean creatures. I decided to go for a clownfish theme, and found this funny looking one to use on the decoration and printables. I used a light blue chevron print as background for the printables to imitate the ocean.

The cake I made for this table was a vanilla spongecake with raspberry/dark chocolate filling, with a clownfish topper and some cute marzipan sea creatures. Further, there were fish shaped chocolate cookies decorated with royal icing and macarons with different fillings. The cakepops were supposed to be octopus-pops but ended up looking more like little crabs due to the orange colour. Luckily, this fitted the theme as well :)

For this table, I made fish-shaped marshmellows by using a fish-shaped cookie cutter to cut them out. I also found fish-shaped salted crackers, which I tought were a nice treat for those who don’t like desserts. There were also some candy fishes and seastars, meringue kisses, bubblegum, lollipops, small cupcakes and white chocolate covered marshmellows.


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