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Plane themed Babyshower (13 photos)


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When I had my meeting with the parents of little babygirl Roan, I became instantly happy when I heard the theme they used for the birthcards: a little blue plane with some red details… I had hoped for this color combination to come along and the plane theme was also one of the themes I had on my list of themes I want to do one day (along with an owl-themed party, a very girly party and vintage party) :) The dessert table was mainly meant for the kids on the babyshower so simple and easy desserts were requested. A cake would have been too messy so I decided to create a small dummy cake to serve as a centerpiece and to give the table some height differences. I had seen the little bunting on different Sweet Table blogs, so I decided to use it on this one, as I had no specifications at all. I found this nice red box in a paper store, which had the perfect color and looked a bit like an old luggage trunk which suited the theme perfectly.

Long time ago, I bought some plane cookie cutters, which I used for the cookies and the marshmallows. Marshmallow is so much fun to work with as you can create it in any color/flavor you want and you can cut it easily into shape with a cookie cutter. To complement the planes, I also made some cloud cookies and marshmallows. The cupcakes were chocolate with banana frosting with cupcake liners by paper Eskimo. I love their range of partyware but it is not so easy to find in this part of the world… The little cupcakes were simple vanilla cakes with vanilla frosting.

The candy presented on the table were blueberry jelly beans and red cherries, some chocolate sixlets and white mikado sticks that I pimped with some blue chocolate and red sprinkles.


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