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Bailey's Dog PAW-TY (20 photos)


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    Can you tell me where you got the white can with red fire hydrant on it? Looks like it's what you had punch in maybe? Love this party this is what we're doing for my daughters 2nd birthday!

    • June 18, 2013 at 2:59PM
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I had SO MUCH FUN with this party!  My daughter Bailey's favorite thing in the world is DOGS.  She loves real dogs, stuffed animal dogs, pictures of dogs, anything dog related she loves.  So when it came time to plan her party guess what she chose?!  DOGS!!!

I got in touch with Amanda from Amanda's Parties To Go and asked her pretty please, can you create a dog collection for me??  She came through big time with the CUTEST new puppy party printables to pull this party off with so much style! 

First step in planning any party (for me) is the cake.  For her a dog paw-ty, Bailey wanted her cake to resemble her favorite dog, our family dog, Charlie.  This was probably one of the most difficult and stressful cakes I've ever made as Charlie is the best and cutest dog in the world! ;)  Talk about pressure!

My favorite addition to the dessert table had to be the dog house cookies.  They were so yummy and so cute! (what a combination!)

Upon arrival each girl was given a dog collar to wear with her name on a little bottle cap tag.  I found the tags (they're actually key chains) at Party City in the party favor section!  They were perfect for what I needed.  I used the little 1 inch circles from Amanda's collection for the girls' names.

Party activities:

My mom and I painted little dog faces on the little girls.  

We had frisbees out in the yard for the girls to play with.

We rented a jumper and had a little little girls pretending to be dogs, jumping and yapping.  (not annoying at all)

I had the girls do a scavenger hunt to find their very own puppy pet.  I gave them clues that led them all over the house to find their dog as well as accessories for their new pup.

The first clue led them to the adoption center.  Inside each bag was a little pup (that I found at the good ol' Dollar Tree). ;)   Then they were given another clue that led them to the place where they could find a little dog house for puppy.  Once they found their dog a house, they needed to search for dog food!  The next clue led them to Reese's cereal in little dog-like bowls.  After they found all the dog essentials (food and shelter) they needed to find accessories for their dog!  The next clue led them to the doggy bags which included a felt bone, a leash and a mini frisbee toy (dogs love frisbees!).  This game was a big hit.  The girls loved the excitement of searching for their new puppy friend!!

After all the activities we sat down for some "pup-eroni" pizza.  ;)  The "dinner" table was so precious!  The girls ate out of bone shaped dog bowls (found at the Dollar Barn) and drank out of bone shaped sippy cups found at 

Then it was cake time, more play time and then clean up time. All in all it was a great, fun party!!!

Pics can be seen on my blog

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