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Vintage Donald Duck County Fair Party (2 photos)


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"Who’s got the sweetest disposition? One guess, guess who...No one but Donald Duck!"  That's one of Donald Duck's theme songs that debuted in 1947.  This is a well-known song in our household since we love watching old classic Donald Duck cartoons (late 1930's - 1950's).  Our lil' guy refers to Mickey Mouse cartoons as Donald Duck cartoons, he loves Donald Duck the best and it's Donald Duck this and Donald Duck that. He even won a photo contest this past October dressed as guess who...Donald Duck! :) So one day while watching one of the old Donald Duck cartoons I was really inspired.  At the beginning of the cartoon, while playing the credits, there was a white wooden fence with a Donald Duck face drawn in white paint. I knew that I wanted an old wooden fence as the backdrop to the dessert table. I didn't have any other ideas at that point except that I knew I wanted an old fence backdrop.  That's what sparked the start of a Vintage Donald Duck County Fair birthday party! We checked with our son to make sure what theme he wanted and the vote went to Donald Duck!  


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