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How To Be a Princess Party (20 photos)


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How to be a Princess Party

For this royal even we sent scrolls to each guest with a royal invite written on it. They were invited to come in their best princess (or prince) attire. We decorated the entrance way to look like the entrance of a castle and rolled out a red carpet lined with candles going up to the door. When each girl arrived they decorated their own crown (shields for the princes). The we took a group picture in front of the castle with their crowns on. After that they came and listened to the story of the princess and the pea. Then they went in to the royal dinner- complete with goblets, handmade personalized princess name plates with each of the disney princesses on them, princess paperware, and they were served like real princesses. Then they went to the royal ball- where they played freeze dance. Last I showed them how I stuck a real pea under a pile of mattresses and then they each got a turn laying on the matresses (that i had prepared ahead of time with a small wooden ball hidden inside one of the mattresses) to see if they felt the pea and were therefore a real princess! They were all so excited when they felt it! The boys on the other hand were sent on an adventure to find all the dragon eggs (chocolate eggs) hidden in the kingdom before they hatched. Then the girl recieved a certificate that they were an authentic princess and the boys that they were a brave knight. Everyone absolutely loved the party! They had a wonderful time. They took home: stickers, a crown, a ring, a necklace, a wand, their goblets and nameplates, as favors. It was a royally good time.


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