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Barnyard Birthday Bash (20 photos)


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Last August, we hosted a barnyard birthday bash to celebrate our daughter's first birthday.  I decided to create a party around one of her favorite things – farm animals.  We hosted the party at a beautiful horse farm called Royal Crest Farm in New Jersey.  They had the signature rolling green pastures and white picket fences that I was looking for in a location.  The farm also offered horseback riding.  We had decided to host the party for all family and friends, not just little ones, so I wanted an activity that every one could participate in.  I nestled the dessert table along a line of trees.  I hung cow splotch lanterns from the trees and a “Happy Birthday” banner.  It made this natural green shrubery the focal point of the party.  The dessert table was the crown jewel of the celebration.  I used a classic red, black and white color scheme with occasional pops of yellow to match the sunset colors in the party invitation.  I dressed the tables with red gingham tablecloths made by my mom.  We hung a gallery wall in front of the table so all of the guests could see how much our little one had grown through the year.  In the center of the table, I set up a pasture of cupcakes.  Using dollhouse fencing and lime green shred, I created a place on the cupcake tower for the cupcakes to graze.  For desserts, I created fun twists on some classics and included a mix of fresh fruit and sweets. We served Hay Cake Pops covered in yellow dyed coconut, mud puddle puddings, blueberry bushels and caramel apple hand pies.  When styling a party, I like to add the party theme touches to as many areas as possible.  To keep with the barnyard theme, I designed a set of animal noise party flags.  On one side is the birthday animal and on the other is it’s sound.  I thought it was also a nice touch for the littler kids who are learning to identify their farmyard animals.  We attached the party flags to some black striped straws from our shop and handed them out when guests filled up with lemonade.  This barnyard bash was such a fun way to celebrate our daughter's important milestone!  It was also great having family and friends altogether.

Alexandria, Virginia
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