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Mother's Day luncheon (20 photos)


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Mother's Day in Portugal is celebrated the 5th of May this year, but my client couldn't be with her mother that day this year due to professional reasons, so she wanted to surprise her mother with "a sweet snack" two days before the real date and she asked us to help her.

This little gathering took place in my client's home, in her patio and besides her mother, she also invited her aunt that helped her making this little surprise to her mother.

We used a piece of furniture of the house and styled a sweet cabinet in a rustic but elegant way, that was the request of our client. She also told us she wanted no cupcake or cake pops, but something different which was a challenge for us!

Lot's of fresh flowers were used, mainly roses but also gypsophilas. We spread some petals in the cabinet, as well as old family tablecloths, matching napkins and a  tea-set. The result was a fresh white cabinet, styled in pink and yellow in a very romantic way.

Besides tea and scones, several other sweets were served, such as marshmallows with lemon buttercream roses, mini lemon curd tarts with currants, berry pots with cream and mint leaves and "Lérias" which is a typical Portuguese desert made mainly with egg yolks and sugar, a desert that was created more than 500 years ago in a monastery and that remains in the Portuguese habits so far . The cake was made of chocolate and filled with raspberries and lime cream, as well as real raspberries and chocolate crumbs. All these delightful sweets were made by Taste Spot.

A great afternoon for a very lucky Mum!

Lisbon, Portugal, NY
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