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very merry un-birthday! (34 photos)



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here are some photos of a birthday party i threw for two of my daughter's, eila & harper. it was their "very merry unbirthday" party as it was a month after eila's 6th birthday and a month before harper's 4th birthday. it was truly a labor of love as i was just a couple of months pregnant with my 4th child. for the party favors my friend and i handmade tutu's (tie me!) for all the girls and mad hatter top hats (wear me!) for the boys. we had queen of hearts cupcakes and tea sandwiches on bread i had specially dyed pink and turquoise. a fun detail that the kids enjoyed. for the centerpieces we handmade topsy turvy towers of mismatched tea cups, saucers, ribbons, butterflies and topped them with fresh cut roses. we had a bucket of blankets that said "sit on me" and a bucket of alice in wonderland books with a sign that said "read me" that the guests also took home as party favors. alice and the cheshire cat made a special appearance and read to the kids under a large tree. everyone had their own copy of the book so they could follow along and enjoy the illustrations. we played "pin the grin on the cheshire cat", croquet and had a large chess set which was set up on the lawn as well. 


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