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Doc McStuffins Birthday Party (50 photos)


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    I love your attention to detail, this party was absolutely fab

    • May 23, 2013 at 7:50PM
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My daughter loves the Disney character DocMcStuffins!  She told me over a year ago that she wanted her 4th birthday party to have this doctor theme.  To put a spin on the DocMcStuffins character, I created a Cupcake Clinic and Cupcake Cafeteria for my daughter which gave me the freedom to incorporate various doctor elements that would not limit me to the Disney cartoon besides I also call my daughter my "Cupcake."  The DocMcStuffins cartoon is vibrant and colorful but I wanted to narrow down the colors for a contemporary appearance and so I chose to use the purple and white horizontal stripes on the DocMcStuffins shirt as my primary theme colors for the Cupcake Clinic and dessert station.  For the Cupcake Cafeteria, I used the colors pink, purple, and turquoise.  Every child was asked to bring in their favorite stuffed toy for a check up which was given by an actual Medical Assistant.  She checked the pretend heart beat, height, weight of each patient and gave them a band aid and a kiss (hershey kiss) for their boo boo's.  The children received a Doc coat, stethoscope, flower headband, medical mask, name badge, and bag of stuffing.  They picked an unstuffed toy in the bin for the Emergency Room (ER).  The primary activity was surgery which consisted of filling each toy with stuffing and a fabric heart (similar to build-a-bear).  After successful surgery, each patient received a birth certificate. There was also a craft station for decorating medical kits and clip boards.  And a Cuddle Room to do exams on the patients.  The pinata was a big hit, too!  The Cupcake Cafeteria was a blast and everyone munched on sandwiches, veggies and fruit and decorated their own cupcakes with lots of sprinkles.  The little docs were urged to grab goodies from the dessert station to take home and everyone received a favor bag which consisted of a children's medical kit for their new stuffed toy.Vendors, Cake: Calandra's Cake Studio, Doc McStuffins Centerpieces: PartyPerfection Decor, Cupcake Toppers: KimSeeEun, Pinata: AbitaAchie, Doc Costume: Kim1Tutu, CakePops: SoSweetPops, Cookies: SweetestThingDesigns.


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