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"The Book of Love" Bridal Shower (21 photos)


Event Planning & Design by IDEA! event + style
Photography by Lisa Polucci Photography

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This celebration was a dream-come-true for any event planner! Laila made the most beautiful bride-to-be and so much fun to celebrate with. I hadn’t actually ever met her until the day of the shower, having planned everything with her equally beautiful mother. I’m absolutely honored at how much trust was placed on me to make it a special day for Laila and everyone that was there to make her feel loved on her day. And for me, that was the highlight of the party. To see how happy Laila was as she discovered each little surprise we had carefully planned for her, trying to guess what she was like from what her darling mother described.

In our first meeting, as we were trying to work out a theme and colors for the shower, Mrs Malani said to me “Whether Laila is happy or sad, busy or not, she reads. Books are her best friends”. And that was it! The lightbulbs went off and we knew something to do with books and celebrating love would really ‘get’ Laila. That is how the theme was born and we continued to work on the details.

As part of the decor, I used the couples’ engagement photographs to design faux book covers. But nothing about the title "Wherever Laila goes, I go" is fake, Noman actually says that very statement often to Laila.




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