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The Great Gatsby Wedding (20 photos)


Glitter lettering

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This event  is an outdoor summer wedding inspired by The Great Gatsby movie. Centered around the 1920's glitz and glamour this wedding table is packed with cute personal cakes monogrammed with the bride and grooms initials,memories from their dating days,hat boxes,jewerly and lots of sparkle. I incorporated two DIY projects. One project is a broach bouquet collected from family broaches and the other is a glitter wine bottle that I think turned out super cute and was so easy to make. I also asded favor|gifts for the bridal party that included smoking jacket scented candles, a homemade hair clip adorned with feathers (1920's) a silver bracelet used as a bridesmaid corsage and a gift for the men, striped socks gifted inside a mason jar. The glassware on the table included ones with chalkboard rings around them to display cute sayings or the guests name. The brides long gloves added to the decor and picture frames displayed poems to the bride from the groom and their engagement newspaper announcement. There are so many details to this reception table.


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