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Apple Pie Fourth of July Party (16 photos)

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I love the Fourth of July.  We would always wake up at the crack of dawn to go to our town’s teeny tiny parade (seriously, the highlight was the firetruck) and we’d hang out at the park for the rest of the town’s festivities.  Then of course we’d go home and blow stuff up and eat lots of yummy food. When I think of celebrating the Fourth of July, I think of PIE.  My family has THE BEST pie crust recipe and I had to take advantage of that for my party this year.  So, of course, my party is based on food…and freedom.

I love the way this set turned out.  I wanted something vintage and I really like chalkboard art, so I created a chalkboard print for the centerpiece.  Hobby Lobby was having a massive sale, so I bought the stands for $12 total, the box for the ice cream was $10 and the frame was $12.  These are all items that can be used and reused over and over again.

tried to keep it “rustic chic” by keeping everything in neutral colors and adding pops of red, yellow and blue throughout the table. My favorite pop is the blue jar with the blue flower…it also added a gorgeous feminine touch!

Of course, I used my Printables, which you can purchase through my Etsy Shop.

The food for this party was super easy.  Apple Caramel Pies (recipe coming soon!), vanilla ice cream with mini chocolate chips, and coke in a glass bottle. This can easily be served for dessert after a tasty BBQ.

Printables and Styling: Strawberry Mommycakes
Star Straws and Baker’s Twine: Spiral Sage
Pie Baking Cups, Wooden Spoons, Ice Cream Bowls: Garnish


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