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Super Hero / Police Officer / When I Grow Up Party (35 photos)


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My Ethan is an absolute gem and quite a sweetheart. So when he told me he wanted a super hero (because he thinks he is one) and police (because daddy is one) party, I had to oblige. I struggled deciding how to tie both themes together rather than having two themes in one party. Through lots of party creeping (that's what I call my time stalking the party planning websites and blogs!) I decided to use the theme of "When I Grow Up" to make it all work. In the end, I think it turned out great and Ethan was absolutely thrilled.

Anders Ruff adapted their Super Hero printables to combine the two themes.  They worked out great!  I used a lot of DIY elements for this party, including making almost all of the sweets for the sweets table.  I also made the capes using $2 party favor capes I found at Target as the starting point. 


Ethan's shirt - Stitch This

Grace's shirt - Zulily

Superman adult shirts - Old Navy

Printables - Anders Ruff

Super Hero badge cookies - Happy Cookies

Shower curtain city back drop - Target

Peg Doll Cake Toppers - Creative Butterfly

Custom Kandy Kones - Superchick Studios

Custom photo backdrop - Debbie Daanen Photography

Money bags for favors

Police Officer hat photo props - The Manic Moose

Chalkboard photo booth props - Chalk Style and Incredibly Hip

Super hero capes - Target, Sprite party supplies

Super hero signs - Hallmark Father's Day Props


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