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Graduation Party (44 photos)


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This was a real party hosted for a young man's college graduation who had earned a Psychology degree. We choose to have some lighthearted fun using different psychological concepts.

To create the mood a black backdrop was used to attach large "Rorschach Test" ink blot cards. We carried the theme throughout by using smaller versions of the cards for food labels.

We crafted three food stations the first was a Dr. Sigmund Freud "Self Help" Bar, where we served Shock Top Beer and Hypnotiq liquor. Blue light ice cubes were inserted into the martini glasses for ambiance, we also used a poster of Dr. Sigmund Freud holding a martini glass on a black 20 x30 foam board.

The second, a dessert station was created with the concept of the exploring "Your Inner Child" here we used some retro candy Wax Lips, Nerds, Pixie Stix, Gum Balls, Blow pops, Pop Rocks as well as Fruit and Nut bars and Brain shaped cake pops! The backdrop was created using button candy strips attached to a yellow 16 x 24 foam board

The appetizer section was spread on a buffet amongst founding fathers of Psychology books and an experimental food conditioning display with white mice (fake of course). We had some fun with the food on the appetizer station that included the following.

- Cheese, Fruit and Nuts
- Cured Meats
- Capresse Shots
- Killer Shrimp
- Pavlov Dogs ( Dr Pavlov loved dogs!)



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