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Junebug's First Birthday (22 photos)


Dessert Table

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My little girl was quickly turning one. With her birthday being in June and a little nickname of hers being "bug"...Junebug's First Birthday it was. My father-in-law has a great back yard, so that made for an easy decision for the location. We had "make your antenna's" when entering the party. Lunch was served with the menu consisting of Chicken salad sandwiches (Cricket Crossants) , pasta salad, potatoe salad, cumcumber bites (bedbug bites), Ants on a Log, Turkey and Cheese sandwhiches for the litte ones (Sunny Sandwiches), veggies and ranch dip (Stickbugs in dip), and Fruit on a stick (Caterpiller Kabobs). Drinks were displayed on the "Bug Juice table" which consisted of: Wiggleworm Water, LightingBug Lemonaid, Sweet Nector Tea and Buzzy Bee Beers for the adults. My favorite was the big centerpiece Dessert table. A bug net hug over the table that displayed tasty sweets, ladybug cupcakes, caterpiller and dragonfly cookies, flower cakepops and a smash cake to swoon over. For games we had, Lady bug bean bag toss, the caterpiller crawl, fingerprint bugs, and a caraterist to draw everyone's cute little faces. The weather was perfect and I could have not asked for a better party for my little bug. 

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