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Little Bitty Bee (24 photos)


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Our "itty bitty bee" buzzes all around us with her lively spirit and sugary sweet smile!  Her BeeDay party was only fitting with a nickname to match.  With my champagne taste on a water budget, I knew I had my work cut out for me.  I gathered my ideas, used multiple DIY projects, purchased a few personal touches, cooked yummy food, and placed extra care into the simple details that brought it all together, creating a memorable first birthday for the Sweetest Girl we know.  Morgan enjoyed every minute of her day with family and friends and truly recognized that the special day was all about the "little bitty bee".  


EVENT:            Morgan's First Bee Day

LOCATION:     Home Sweet Home  (it was very important for me that my child enjoyed her party, so choosing a place that she trusted and was comfortable was most important in my decision.  We invited only close family and friends, keeping this an intimate gathering and the focus on Morgan without overwhelming her)

SET THE SCENE:           Simple decorations created the bee-inspired yellow wonderland.  We borrowed , child-sized furniture from Renaissance School (Montessori school where I work) so that the younger friends could sit together.  The living space was set up with low shelves prepared with a variety of BEE LESSONS, such as finger puppets, garden animals, stacking blocks, etc.  We invited our family and close friends to maintain an intimate gathering of people and keep Morgan feeling secure and excited to be the Guest of Honor!

INVITATION:    Handcrafted bee-inspired cards were created by GreySquare shop on Etsy (Kate).  The invitation is a clean and modern look that truly captured the essence of the party.  I printed them at home and mounted on gray construction paper for an added detail.

DRESS:           Morgan wore a handmade cupcake smocked gown from Magic Windows in Charlotte, NC.  Her big sister, Ellis (now 7) wore the same dress on her 1st birthday.  This heirloom truly made me smile the day of the party.  Morgan's family wore gray and yellow coordinating outfits.  


BEE HEADBANDS:   Simple Bee Antennas were made using black elastic headbands (purchased from Walmart).  I carefully wrapped yellow piple cleaners around the headbands and hot glued pom poms on the end for a cute touch.  Children enjoyed trying these on and looking at one another with curious faces.   

DECORATIONS:     BEES, BEES, buzzing bees...small bees could be found throughout the party, providing a little game of I SPY for the children.  I created a Happy Birthday Banner using construction paper and ribbon.  This hung in the main living room and a large tissue paper bee hung from the chandelier over Morgan's table.  

THE MENU:  I wanted the food to be child-friendly while mainting a feeling of sophistication for the adults.  I offerred a beautiful selection of healthy options that were homemade and simple to whip up.  

Fresh Vegetables (cut for little hands to hold) with homemade hummus

Coconut Yogurt Parfaits 

Butternut Squash with Kale in a honey, ginger, and coconut sauce

Coconut covered marshmallows

Date balls rolled in shredded coconut

Fruit cups in hollowed out oranges

Honey Chicken Nuggets with barbecue sauce

Honey comb cereal and mini honey grahams

Bit of Honey candies

Water, Lemonade, Sparkling Lemonade

Gluten Free Beer and Organic Wine for the adults


CAKE:       Amazon carries a Beehive cake pan that created the most adorable centerpiece on our table of food.  My dear friend, Mrs. Webber baked a yummy gluten-free carrot cake for our sweet Morgan.  She topped it with delicious dairy-free cream cheese frosting.  We added little BEE sugar candies on top.  We used this cake for Morgan to SMASH and ENJOY.  We offered cupcakes to the rest of our guests.  





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