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Gender Reveal Party (32 photos)


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Thank you to Modern Moments Design for created the amazing invite to our gender reveal party. Swoon Soiree created all of the fabulous paper details at the event. 

I started with all of my ideas on my pinterest board. I found some great DIY items like the can that we used for the even. All you have to do is collect cans, clean, & then spray paint. This was easy and non-expensive. 

For the food I went with a Salty & Sweet theme. I got the snow cone maker off amazon and this was a huge hit for every age at the party. The other items can be found on etsy. I also got the french fries from McDonalds. My husband made the basil aiole sauce to go with the fries to fancy them up. The flowers came from a local grocery store because it was graduation weekend and I had to go to 5 different stores to find just white flowers. 


I came up with the idea to pop a ballon filled with the genders color glitter because I wanted to stear away from the balloons out of a box or cutting a cake filled with the color. I was so happy with how it worked out. 

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