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SEW CUTE Sock Monkey Party (38 photos)


SEW CUTE Sock Monkey Party

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I started by researching my party theme online and results popped up for sock monkeys, but I wanted to stay away from the traditional brown sock monkey. Then I came across these bright and colorful monkeys called Genuine Monkeez by Midwest CBK. Each one is unique with their own name, color scheme and accessories. Their sizes vary from teeny tiny to larger than life. Ooo Eee Ahh Ahh... I was so excited!


Since sock monkeys originate from craft materials, I used yarns, buttons, scissors, rulers, spools, ribbons, etc. as decorative accents throughout the party. I custom designed party printables to coordinate with the theme and tie everything together. Leaf shaped fabric placemats ran in a line down each side of the table. Multi-striped fabric shower curtains were used for tablecloths. Chair cushions were on the ground for comfort.


Down the center of the table were two wood crate wagons with a sock monkey in each one and a large ball of yarn. A wood ruler, big wood button and large wooden scissors were also placed inside. Handmade yarn pom pom's were put on the table, taped to the tent poles and tossed inside the hanging mesh toy organizers. Toys were scattered around, not only for decoration but also for extra activities. Sock monkeys were hung up-side down, right-side up, side ways and every which way all around the tent. Draped across the front of the dessert table were yarn wrapped cardboard letters that spelled "SEW CUTE" and hung from ribbon.


 Activity ideas include a MONKEY mask craft project, BUNCHES of fun bag toss, create your own SOCK MONKEY, BANANA box car race, SOCK wearing contest and a SOCK MONKEY puppet show!


Party Favors:

As each guest exited the party they received a small party favor bag with banana candies that included a label saying - "Thanks a Bunch!". The children also got to take home a polka dotted gable box filled with their personally decorated handmade sock monkey, sock monkey key chain, monkey magnet and a tiny Barrel of Monkeys.

Party styling: the Creative Orchard (Renee Hagloch) [ ]
Printable party designs: SEW CUTE Sock Monkey collection available in the Creative Orchard Shop [ ]

the Creative Orchard
Washington, Illinois
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