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Cracker Jack Birthday (36 photos)


My Little Cracker Jack

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This small party had everything from a Cracker Jack popcorn station to delicious desserts like the cherry toquitos. We wanted to make sure that we included things that reminded her of Cracker Jack by using lots of popcorn and cute little prizes. My daughter was The Cracker Jack dressed in sailor uniform and her friends joined in also with the festive theme. Since her birthday is close to the Fourth of July we made sure the colors were red white and blue. We made her a tray filled with treats to go around her neck,we included various flavors of popcorn,used the vintage style Cracker Jack boxes,shelled peanuts,little army men toys and tatoos. We filled a drink cart with Coca Cola drinks on ice. Our food selection were homemade cheeseburger egg rolls,rolled cherry toquitos,hand made mini pancake and cornmeal battered corn dogs and old fashion cinnaman rolls. Our favorite dessert we did were grilled glazed donuts with carmel dipping sauce! YUM! We used mason jars filled with Cracker Jacks and prizes tied with red and white twine as our favors. They blew their hearts out with the fringed blow horns. Even the straws for the drinks had their very own pinwheel detail. We did a balloon wreath with red white and blue balloons attached to a straw wreath. Super simple! The girls played games like girlie girls do and had loads of fun. They enjoyed dressing up and I don't think anything was left on the dessert table!


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