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Board Game Birthday (24 photos)


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One of my best friends and my husband have birthdays just 3 days apart so we typically celebrate them together. This year they both requested a board game party.
Over the last few years we've discovered the world of Euro games and turned into some serious board game geeks.  We're anxiously awaiting our children to get old enough so we can have some serious family board game nights. We're very excited that at four our oldest is slowly being trained in some of the simpler games.

But back to the party! The colors had to be green and orange, because those are the birthday boy's and girl's color of choice when picking playing pieces. We threw in white accents since another board game addict friend's birthday was a few weeks previously and he likes playing white! I grabbed a cheap Ikea rug from my kids' room and hung it up as a backdrop for the table. The rug reminded me of a whimsical children's game board; and it had all the right colors to match the party theme.

I broke the table up between appetizers and desserts. I didn't want to have separate tables since most of the rooms were going to be full of empty tables on which to play games.  There are so many games we enjoy, but I tried to focus on some of the favorites of the birthday boy and girl, and ones I could easily replicate in food form! All of the food signs were designed to imitate cards from the Munchkin card game. This was especially fun to design since the cards are all humorous and silly. For appetizers we served chicken salad, pigs in a blanket, "On a Roll" Ham Sandwiches, and Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms. For the desserts I got some help from the wonderful Jessy of Fairytale Frosting, who created amazing "tile" cookies to replicate pieces from the game Carcassonne. Jenny of Parker's Flour Patch, once again, created some fabulous cupcake toppers with lots of different game pieces.


Party styling & design: Enchanted Events & Design
Printables & graphic design: Enchanted Events & Design
Carcassonne cookies: Fairytale Frosting
Cupcake Toppers: Parker’s Flour Patch

Alex {Enchanted Events & Design}
La Crescenta, CA
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