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Vintage Baseball (10 photos)


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My Grandpa, or “Pappa” as my kids call him, lives to play baseball. Every year my grandparents fly from Seattle to Mesa, Arizona for the winter specifically for my Grandpa to be able to play on his soft ball team. At 79, he sometimes plays three games a day! It’s his love of the game that inspired me to throw him this 79th Vintage Baseball Birthday party.

What’s a girl to do with only a few days to plan and a tight budget? Borrow as much decor as possible, keep the sweets simple and make the most of the printables!

A little paper and ink made this party! With no time to order any thing I relied heavily on my paper designs to bring everything together. I was able to borrow some rustic crates and a vintage Babe Ruth poster and purchase fabric at my local +Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores   to compliment my paper designs.

Glass Coke bottles and striped straws with our mini baseball pennants in a vintage soda crate made for picture perfect party favors.

With no time to bake: +Hostess Brands, Inc. Twinkies with a bit of red icing became “hot dogs on a stick”, +Starbucks Coffee  cake pops and Golden Oreos were dipped in white +Wilton Candy Melts and piped with red buttercream to resemble baseballs. Cracker Jacks and Popcorn are a must have for any baseball event. I was able to pick up the popcorn bags at +Party City .

A roll of brown packaging paper was the cost effective choice for a table runner, while some inexpensive red polka dot balloons were a lot of bang for my buck. I reused some paper fans I had from last years fourth of July celebration to create color coordinated chandelier of sorts.

I purchased some red and white carnations at my local grocery store and arranged them into a baseball like centerpiece with color coordinated ribbon trim for a total of less than $10!

Dishes of peanuts served as appetizers on the tables with cute baseball pennants.

Overall the party was on budget, stress free and fun! My grandfather had a great time.
I hope all you baseball fans enjoyed our budget-friendly party version of America’s favorite pastime.


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