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Cops and Robbers Party (44 photos)


Lego Cops and Robbers Party

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We threw a Lego Cops and Robbers 7th birthday for my social and energetic little man Jack. I knew this theme would fit him perfectly when browsing the brand new exclusive themes by Birthday Express.  He first discovered Cops and Robbers while playing a Lego City board game, so we combined his love of Legos and Cops and Robbers into one fun party! Birthday Express generously provided all the fabulous Cops and Robbers costumes, favors, and decorations for the party. Jenny and Angela were fabulous to work with and cannot thank them enough for everything they did to make this party a huge success!!!! After the Cops and Robbers goodies arrived, Do and J ofPiggy Bank Parties completed the party magic by creating some unique Lego inspired printables that coordinated with the Cops and Robbers Collection perfectly. Including this fabulous money invitation they created!
Dessert table treats included donuts stacked on cake plates, black and white striped candy in glass jars, silver police badge cookies adorned with the #7 by Linda of Frog Prince Cake and Cookie Design, and custom chocolate covered Oreos by Maria of Love and Sugar Kisses.

The dessert table backdrop was made by simply placing two mug shot cardboard stand ups next to each other. After dessert time it was easy to move the stand ups outside and have them double as our mug shot backdrop. I hung a tassel garland in coordinating colors from The Flair Exchange's new DIY tassel kits (so easy, you will love these!!!) to add a finishing touch.
She's Kinda Crafty created mini Lego decals for the super kid-friendly square plastic bottles from Bloom Designs Online. The birthday banners were decked out in glitter and festooning handmade by The Purple Pug.
Party Favors were hand cuffs, Police badge, stickers, water bottles, and tattoos with a Piggy Bank Parties Lego name badges on the outside of each party favor box.
We had a uniform pick up station where the kids could browse through costumes and pick out whatever they wanted to wear. I made sure to have a variety of options so that everyone felt comfortable getting a little or a lot dressed up. The kids had a blast hamming it up for the camera!

Party Games included...

Hot Money Bag (similar to Hot Potato only when the music stopped, the person left holding the bag went to jail).

Pin the Mask on the Lego Robber: Piggy Bank Parties created this poster size Lego robber for the kids to pin the mask on!

Scavenger Hunt & Money Bag Pinata: The kids went on a scavenger hunt to find the missing money bags. Older kids read the clues to the younger ones and all ran off together. Once they found their money bags they filled them up with goodies from the pinata!

Guess the number of Legos in the jar. Kids and adults had fun guessing the number of Legos in the jar. The winner got to take home the prized money bag from the "Hot Money Bag" game.

Having this much fun at a party should be a crime!

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