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Princess (20 photos)


Princess Birthday Cake

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My company, Cake 5 Sweet Designs, baked and designed this table for my daughter's 3rd birthday.  We picked Beauty and the Beast, Princess Belle, theme because she loves the movie.  We wanted to incorporate parts of the movie throughout the table.  We found some cute pieces at Home Goods.  The clock shown was spray painted to match the color scheme of the table. We used a fabric backdrop and spray painted the frame gold.  We added the silhoette of Belle in the frame, then hung it from a pretty beaded chain.  We used a vanity mirror to display the teapot cookies.  For a more decorative touch we added some scrapbook paper to the display stand for the cake pops.  We created and jazzed up some silhouette crown cut outs for that distinctive touch.

We baked a princess theme cake with an edible jeweled crown on top.  Keeping with the princess theme, we baked assorted macaron pops and designed them into princess wands.  Additionally, we hand crafted bling cake pop sticks and added some edible glitter for  that extra  touch.  Some other baked goods added to the table were Mrs. Pots cake balls, teapot sugar cookies, petit fours, and cupcakes in a chipped teacup cupcake wrapper.  We also created some rosette homemade candy kebobs with matching favor tags for guests to take home. Lastly, some rock candy and shimmer gumballs were added to the table.  The printables were from dollhouse paperie, and silhouette from Anders Ruff.

The birthday girl is wearing an outfit mostly from Dreamspun kids.   We designed a standard tanktop with a " Princess" iron on.

Guest had a great time jumping in an inflatable castle bounce house, and creating there very own tiaras to take home. 


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