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Preppy Tie Shop Birthday Party (49 photos)


Printable Party Hats by Paige Simple Studio

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My initial inspiration for this party was based on a family tradition. My grandfather’s family is OBSESSED with neck ties. At every family event they bring neck ties and everyone has to casually wear one, really, you have to! While I’m not exactly sure where this tradition originated, it’s been present for as long as I can remember (32 whole years!).

I thought the neck tie idea was cute, but let’s face it, bow ties are much cuter for a 2 year old. Also, since Chase was born a week shy of my birthday I wanted to incorporate some ‘girly’ elements so we could make it a joint celebration. I finally decided that I would honor the neck tie tradition, but also wanted to incorporate some additional ideas. The first was adding in bow ties, the second was adding in hair ties for the girls, and the third was giving the party a ‘shop’ feel instead of having people wear the ties – hence, “Chase’s Preppy Tie Shop”.

There were three little ‘Tie Shops’ set up – a ‘Hair Tie’ shop, a ‘Neck Tie’ shop, and a ‘Bow Tie’ shop. Each guest was given a shopping bag and asked to shop around for preppy tie themed favors. I had photos on display of Chase modeling some ties, labels were made to look like retail tags, party decorations were wrapped like gifts, and the shop branding was everywhere.  One of my favorite details was the cornhole bags that were shaped like bow ties. My mother made them extra special for the party and the kids had a ton of fun tossing them around.

Overall, I am so happy with the way everything turned out. I love the fact that the ‘Preppy Tie Shop’ theme can be used for a boy, for a girl, or for a joint party (boy/girl twins!?). I also love that ‘pink’ can be incorporated into a little boys party without making it feel overwhelmingly ‘girly’.


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