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Mario Brothers Dinner Party (16 photos)


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This year I hosted a small gathering in my home for immediate family for my son's 4th birthday. He was in between a bowling party or an at home Super Mario Brothers party and ultimately chose the Mario theme. Luckily I had handmade lots of decor for a Mario Kart event I styled last year so I was able to reuse some of the decor and style it to my taste as well as trying my best to capture my sons obsession with the video game icons. I served rum cake which I bought from a local well known bake shop but I decorated it simply. I also had toadstool cupcakes from another well known cupcake shop, delish! I also found Mario Brothers gummies at Target which was a perfect addition to the table. As for the DIY décor, I handmade the toadstools, painted the pipes, cloud, Mario and Luigi hats, banner, question mark piñata, and the linen was just fabric I bought that went well with a modern approach to this theme. The Super Mario and Luigi masks, and character favor bags were purchased from an ebay seller who hand makes the characters out of foam, pretty awesome she is! I took the Mario and Luigi favor bags cut out the backs and handle, taped them to a paper straw and used them as toppers on the cake. Simple and I printed out his name on cardstock and voila. I also decorated basic round sugar cookies with the star character using a yellow sugar sheet and frosting.  I then slaved away and make chicken parmagiana for all the guests so I didn't get to take as many pictures as I wanted but my little guy was so happy thts all that mattered.


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