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Milk and Cookies for (17 photos)


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Not too sure how I first came up with the idea of wanting to do a Grown Up version of this very popular theme, but once I had it in my head, off I went
My main focus was to keep it simple and VERY rustic.
I created a small Milk and Cookies Menu, so that I wouldn’t go crazy with ideas, then I enlisted the help of some great companies.
We had an amazing day and without the below companies, the day would not have been as great as it was…….

Jacqui from The Iced Biscuit not only made the very yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies, but her GORGEOUS property was the location for this shoot. The blue cake stand was also on loan from Jacqui.

Aimee from My Little Sunshine Cakes made the decadent Coffee Cake, the Kahlua Cupcakes and the Baileys Chocolate Mousse. The Drink Cart was also on loan from Aimee.

Anne- Sophie from Anne-Sophie Artisan Patisserie  quite possibly made the best Vanilla Macarons I have ever tasted.

Bianca from Blush Loves Mint made the gorgeous tassel garland

The four clear lolly jars, which were acrylic, were from Sam at Sugarlicious Parties . Such a clever concept.

The Lollies were from a local lolly shop close to where I live . They were ridiculously sweet and yummy.

Chocolate Coated Oeros and Alcoholic Milk by Akrivi from Party Printables by Akrivi

Printables, Props, Photography and Concept Styling also by Akrivi from Party Printables by Akrivi


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