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Constructing Some Fun! (15 photos)


Food Table

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    Lovely! I just wish more info was provided (like where things were bought/made) so it would be easier to duplicate.

    • August 10, 2013 at 2:18PM
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This year my son was turning 4 and wanted a construction party. So I went to work to make this a fun, construction themed birthday for all the little boys involved.  There was a table with adult food, but I really focused on the kids food table and favor table as far as the theme was concerned.  With a cone cake, dump trucks and hard hats used as serving pieces, and gimicky food names, the kids were so excited.  The favors were personalized hard hats from Chasing Fireflies and aprons and building kits from Home Depot. The cone cups with straws topped it all off perfectly. The food table was my favorite part and featured "Truck Tires" (chocolate donuts), "Wet Paint" (rice krispy treats dipped in icing), "Drill Bits" (rock candy), "Pebbles" (Reeces Pieces), "Nuts & Bolts" (Chex Mix), "Pipes" (veggie stix), "Lumber" (pretzel rods) and "Rubble" (popcorn). We all had a blast!


Cake: Sandy's Sweets

Food Tents:  The Pretty Party Shoppe (Etsy)

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