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A Royal Fete for Halle Belle the 1st! (39 photos)


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A Royal Fete for Halle Belle the 1st

When my client called me to plan and style her daughters 3rd princess birthday, I initially thought of my daughter. My first three questions were,  does she wear princess costumes all day long, twirl around the house singing, and curtsy?" When she replied, "yes," I knew exactly what direction I wanted to go in for this royal fete. I imagined regal and magical! I had creative control over all aspects so I was responsible for overseeing the swag on the ceiling, floral centerpieces,  dessert table with back drop, and the designated children table. I created the color concept for table linens, chaircovers, and sashes.  This event was a big feat to pull off considering my events typically consist of 50 guests  and the guest count for this was 150. However, I was up for the challenge.

Wands, tiara's, and castles are staples in any princess movie so I carried this in the dessert table with the cookies, cake pops, cake push pops, and chocolate covered oreo's. I found the small mirror with a single drawer and thought the macarons would fit perfectly inside. I painted the mirrors white and then used mod podge for the gold glitter. I used floral white frames I found at Joann's for the cookies, oreo's, and cake push pops.

For quite some time I've wanted to incorporate flowers hanging from pearls and in open vases for the backdrop. This couldn't have been a more apropos event for it.  I'm happy with how the backdrop turned out.

The Princesses were able to step away from their royal duties and surprise Halle Belle. It was truly magical and a dream come true to have Halle's favorite princesses there!


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