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Race Car Party (22 photos)


Race Car party table

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My son, Colin, turned 8, and we threw him a race car themed party. He has enjoyed Hot Wheels since he was 2 years old, when he wouldn’t wear pants without pockets, because he needed a place to stash the cars that went with him everywhere.

Colin also used to think that the exhaust pipes on cars were “Fire Holes”, and that fire shot out of them (much like a rocket) when they were driven. For this reason I focused less on the traditional checkered flags, and more on flames as a theme. Flame fabric and printables were used throughout.

Guests were given a custom ‘Pit Pass’ name badge, and played with Hot Wheels race tracks. They enjoyed car-themed foods, like Dipstick Pretzels, Spare Tire Donuts, Flame Cake Pops, Stoplight Rice Krispie Treats, and handmade chocolate car lollipops.

The guests were given a Hot Wheel car of their own, along with Hershey’s Kisses with race car labels, a Car-themed coloring book, Hot Wheels tongue ‘tattoos’ (which were hilarious!), and a checkered flag.

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Phoenix, AZ
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