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"Jedi Micah" Star Wars 16th Birthday Party (26 photos)


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This Star Wars themed birthday party was for a young man who was turning 16. His mom said he would love a Star Wars party and he has been a Star Wars fan since he was just a little guy (his dad wouldn't have it any other way)! I began looking at Star Wars parties online for inspiration, but as a non Star Wars fan I figured it was time I conversed with my husband, who is a Star Wars fan, and get all the details. We watched every Star Wars episode so that I could understand it all.

I began brainstorming the theme/color scheme and came up with the colors from the light sabers as the color scheme (red, blue, and green). I really wanted the party to be more grown up so I chose shades that were bright and modern. I designed a silhouette of Yoda's head and Darth Vader's head, these became my "mascots." The silhouettes were used for the invitations, backdrop banner, and centerpieces. After creating the "mascots" I came up with the idea to break up the dessert table based on "the light side" and "the dark side." I put all of the green and blue items on the left side and the red and black items on the right side. All of the food was labeled with Star Wars characters and terms. Here is the list...

Yoda Soda - Hawaiian punch and sprite
Vaderade - Hawaiian punch and sprite
Rebel Pops - Rice Krispies treat pops
Imperial Pops - Rice Krispies treat pops
Thermal Detonators - White pearl sixlets
Wookiee Cookies - Milk chocolate, and butterscotch haystacks
Death Stars - Triple chocolate covered malt balls
Galactic Cupcakes - Vanilla cupcakes with fondant toppers
Ewok Gummies - Chocolate covered gummy bears
Palpatine Popcorn - Buttered popcorn
Leia's Buns - Chocolate covered Oreos drizzled with peanut butter

My husband is a model builder so he build a model of the AT-AT Walker scene as a gift since we personally knew the birthday boy. I used that as the centerpiece of the dessert table. For the centerpieces of the guest tables I used the episodes as the table numbers, along with a hand cut silhouette of Yoda or Darth Vader.

Instead of doing a guestbook, I created small cards for the guests to write a birthday wish on. An apothecary jar was also on the table so that they could drop their cards in there. I just so happened to luck out at Michaels and found some Star Wars fine tip markers for only $0.50!



Vendor Credits and Resources:
Event Design, Printables, and Photography: Sweet Festivity
Paper Straws and Candy Cups: Shop Sweet Lulu
Cupcakes Wrappers: Exclusively Weddings
Backdrop Banner: Vistaprint
Candy: Lolli and Pops



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