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Space Cadet (19 photos)


Space Cadet party table

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My son Jakobi is forever getting called “obi-one-Jakobi” and so this was the perfect motivation to choose a space theme for his first birthday / naming day celebration.

The day centred around the guest children completing a set of activities in order to receive a certificate of space cadet training.  The activities were as follows:

Activity One: experience zero gravity (bouncing on the jumping castle)

Activity Two: learn to navigate the stars (create a star snow globe out of glitter stars and moons)

Activity Three: Go undercover with the aliens (wear flashing alien headboppers)

Activity Four: Learn how to launch a rocket (create a straw rocket)

Activity Five:  Sort Moon rocks with robotic arm:  use a giant grabber claw to pick up a prize from the lucky dip

Activity Six: Get a graduation photo (this was in a giant cardboard rocket and the photo was for the certificate they were sent afterwards).

The dessert table featured a rocket shaped chocolate mudcake, imported lollypops with planet pictures embedded in them, star wands, custom made rocket cookies, marshmallow alien pops, gumball dispensers turned into rockets, rocket shaped dispensers full of jaffas, lollypops and general candy.  Milky Ways, Mars Bars and Starbursts were also dispersed around the party.

The guests also got a loot bag filled with Milky War stars, blue clouds, shimmer gumballs as planets and bananas as moons.

As lunch approached, we fed the guests potatoes in their jackets that were wrapped in foil to create ‘moon rocks’.  There were also pinwheel sandwiches and pinwheel puff pastry savories, both of which looked like spiral galaxies.

invitations and all printed stationery by I Will Invitations:

rocket cookies by Crumbs of Yum:

rocket cake by D’lish Cakes:

candy from The Professors:

R2D2 costume Jakobi is wearing The Wishing Elephant:

Lollipops with embedded planet images by Vintage Confections:

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