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Under Asher's Big Top (17 photos)


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I have been waiting to come face to face with a client that has said "Go for it, I trust you!" To an event planner, those words make you feel as if you have won the lottery. Now you can use every bit of your creativity to create a once in a lifetime event. This event was a 1st birthday party with the theme "Under Asher's Big Top."  The client was literally an absolute dream client to work with. She wanted fun,  colorful, and silly. My main goal was to create a different style to a circus theme with extra details that would stand out and bring the wow factor. The dessert table was covered with a solid red backdrop and a red and white fabric  was stretched across the custom built "big top" framework made from PVC. The fabric was scalloped and lifted on top for the full circus feel.  In the middle we decided to add a handmade 3d black silhouette of a tightrope walker on a tight rope to stand out against the deep red hue of the backdrop. For the table, we had a variety of fun and creative dessert ideas including rice krispie "Circus Peanuts", "Popcorn Cupcakes", "Clown" cake pops, and Snow cone and Cotton candy sugar cookies. For the table set up we wanted to make it feel as if the guests were attending an actual circus.   I found vintage popcorn buckets to display the clown cake pops, and chocolate covered marshmallow sundae pops. The rice krispie circus peanuts were displayed spilling out of small brown paper lunch bags. The Cotton Candy and Snow Cone Sugar Cookies were displayed on gorgeous black cake stands.  The fun and silly  Popcorn cupcakes  were a favorite for the guests and myself. We used mini marshmallows and sprayed yellow food coloring to add a little bit of a "buttered" appearance.   For favors ,we had a colorful candy buffet decorated with glass apothecary jars. The jars were decorated with adorable bright ribbon consisting of bright blue, red, and yellow. I found 2 awesome tin containers at a local antique store and filled it with green moss grass and large polka dot colorful flowers, a fun and easy DIY project. We had boxes of animal crackers that were used to fill the ends of the table. As a cute parting gift to the birthday boy, each guest signed a circus themed Dr. Seuss book. Guests played with red clown noses while enjoying popcorn, cotton candy,  and hot dogs, while getting their faces painted by a silly clown.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Sunrise, FL
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