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Bubble Guppies Birthday Party (12 photos)


Bubble Guppies

Lori Baskin In this photo:
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We threw Alessia’s 3rd birthday party a little earlier this year because her sister is due 3 days before her real birthday & all of our family is in Ohio. I also only throw a big party every other year & this was her PARTY year! We decided on a Bubble Guppies Swim Party theme. I started my pinterest board of ideas. Then went to Swoon Soiree with the idea to have her create the invite & printables. Once the adorable invite was set I could start coming up with more ideas on food & activities. The food table was all about the kids. I went with very simple food items that still went with the color theme. The background is streamers & paper dots. I seriously couldn’t do any of this without Taylour from Swoon Soiree she is amazing! The first thing I was on a mission to find were the thank you gifts for the kids. In every episode of Bubble Guppies they say What time is it? It’s time for lunch! Then 3 bubble guppies sit down to go over what is in their lunch box. So LUNCH BOX it was & how perfect for the kids to be able to store their nick knacks in them. My mom found these perfect white lunch boxes on Oriental Trading Co. I cut out the names on vinyl and added to the lunch box. For an extra details I made tissue fringe (you can find a tutorial here). Turkey with cheese sandwiches wrapped in parchment paper with a bubble guppies sticker to hold together. Oranges slices with Pink & Blue jello filling. The orange slices were so easy and they were a HUGE hit at the party even with the adults. I wanted the cake to be very simple, but go along with the invite and the ombre scales & incorporate the pink, but I didn’t want any bubble guppies on the cake because I thought there would be enough on everything else. On all of the episodes they have school of fish that help the kids answer questions. I thought it would be adorable to have a cake pops of school of fish. I got gum balls to match the sea blue, pink, & orange colors then put them in the holders from Swigs Shoppe on etsy. Rock Candy & Pop Rocks because the Bubble Guppies always say YOU TOTALLY ROCK! Vendor Credits Swoon Soiree – Invite, Happy Birthday Sign, Circle Cut outs in the back ground, Bubble Station label, Sandwich label, Cheetos label, water label, Jello Wedges label Oriental Trading Co - Lunch Box Walmart – Bubble Guppies Cups Frosted - Cake The cake Shop - Fish Cake pops Party City - candy, balloons, orange streamers, plates, forks, & silverware HomeGoods – Teal basket with Cheetos cones

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