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Angry Birds party - for a 6-year-old fan (49 photos)


Red Angry Bird cake

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An explosion of red!

Red, the favorite color of the birthday boy, guided the whole decoration. Combined with yellow and blue to create something vibrant! Geometric shapes like circles, cones, cubes and rectangles were used freely and easily glued together by the solid color palette with a neutral base of white and light gray. It was even possible to play with stripes and polka dots in stationery.

Personalization is evident, however in a few details, such as the letters of the name on the cake table, cake flags forming the word "six" and the flags of the second sweet table (the sweet shoppe).

Party highlights to look into:

- sweet shoppe table with two vertical candy boards. The variety of candy on this table included gummy candies, confectionery cereal, Nha-benta (or creamy marshmallow covered with chocolate), vanilla and white chocolate cake pops, chocolate M & M's, nougat cashew nuts

- Main dessert table with vanilla and white chocolate cupcakes, brigadeiros and beijinhos (Brazilian specialty), mini lemon and walnuts carolinas (divine!)

- Red Angry Bird decorated cake

- Circles garland gracing the sweet shoppe table. The same type of garland is repeated at the red frame at the bottom of the main dessert table

- Felt pennants appear everywhere: on the main table (cupcakes flag), at the sweet shoppe table, at the door, windows and hanging on a tree outside

- Children's craft table with bird houses to paint and felt hats with pompoms


São Paulo, Brazil, NY
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