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Alexis' Jessie the Cowgirl Birthday Party (50 photos)


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For the past three years, my daughter's birthday has been a Disney theme. This year we decided to use Jessie the Cowgirl from the Disney movie ToyStory! We shopped at thrift stores, yard sales and local craft/fabric stores to create our activities and decorations. We strived to design the party to make our guests feel cozy and like they were at home by using colors, textures, and decor that felt dear to our hearts. We also wanted to make the kids feel extra special with their take home treats. My mom did so by hand making stick ponies, and creating replica Jessie and Woody hats. The kids thought it was super cool that the hats were actually autographed by the Disney World characters themselves! We also wanted everyone to have a great time, so we put together fun games such as "Lasso the Horse, Water the Horse, Ring Toss, There's A Snake in my Boot, Pin the Tail on Bullseye, and Stick Pony Race". The kids thought it was hysterical to race against their parents! I am a professional photographer and being so meant that I wanted pictures of the kids and guests! We put together two photo stops, one complete with a wooden/fabric horse and hay bales - the other being a super fun photo booth! We may or may not have bribed the kids to take photos by giving them a prize afterwards ;) Back to wanting everyone to feel like they were at home, my dad and aunt were in the kitchen for hours cooking everyone a home made southern meal! It was delicious! My sister baked and decorated that BEAUTIFUL detailed cake! My friend Stephanie from Stephs'spirations baked delicious homemade cookies and created the treat bags! My dad and Alexis' dad Calvin were extremely helpful by providing the technical aspects of everything - cutting, some painting, hanging, lifting, nailing, etc. We all put hours into designing, hand crafting, arranging the party decorations, and we hope our party will inspire your next party! :)


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