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Minecraft Birthday Party (25 photos)


Minecraft Boys Birthday

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My 9 year old son was desperate for a Minecraft birthday party. While I much prefer throwing girly parties I tried to wrap my brain around the world of Minecraft to come up with something suitable. My 13 year old was a big help in teaching me about the video game. He even downloaded an app for me that described all the detailed information I needed to know. It's a good thing he did because I was so clueless! I was also totally inspired by a few of the wonderful Minecraft parties others have already thrown...thanks to everyone who is willing to share thier awsome ideas!

We had a table set with food that represented differents elements in the game like water and lava as jello bowls, Rollos as gold nuggets, push pops filled with pudding and oreos as dirt topped with frosting grass. There were bowls of candy that represented raw materials like coal, snow, slime, glowstone, lapis, redstone and sugar. The boys were adament that everything be represented properly....such pressure!!! Our TNT cake was made by the amazing 4 Kids Cakes! It was so awesome and tasted amazing as well. We put a sparkler candle on top of it so that it looked like it was about to blow up when lit. The boys LOVED that.

We made t-shirts for all of the boys out of green shirts and felt. We found green tote bags at the dollar stor and used sharpies to draw a creeper face on each one. The bags were filled with your typical favor toys and the boys loaded them up with candy from the Ghast pinata. My 13 year old son actually made the pinata all by himself, I was quite proud! All in all it was a great success!

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