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ONE ROCKS {Bladen's 1st Birthday} (42 photos)


slammin' sushi

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    Bladen's Mommy love this party and just wanted to say your the only person I have came across with the same name as my little boy :-) he is Bladyn.

    • January 10, 2014 at 1:18PM
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ONE ROCKS {Bladen's first birthday}

For Bladen first birthday, I wanted a theme that signified that he was a big boy.   Mickey mouse and Elmo felt so "baby" and I decided on a rockstar theme "ONE ROCKS".     I was so excited to plan his party.  I just love party planning!  The party was a mixture of using fabulous vendors as well as DIY.  Black, turquoise, and white were the colors of the party.  The first thing I got was his t-shirt.  I ordered it from Birthday Couture on Etsy.  It said "ONE ROCKS" on the front and his name on the back.  From there I ordered the invitations.  I knew I wanted them to be concert tickets,  and found Rae's Design on etsy that fit my concept perfectly!  With some tweaks and personalization, the concert tickets were made. From there I ordered the cake(s) and I was so happy to find Cait.  I didn't go with the classic guitar cake because I wanted a cake that was made out of cake and not rice krispy treats to gain structure.  I went ahead with a drum on its side with his name on it and drumsticks made out of fondant on the side.  For the smash cake, I wanted a little drum that said "ONE ROCKS" We did his 1 year photo shoot the week before and did a 6 inch round cake that was turquoise and a fondant guitar on the side and a 1 on top.   All three cakes were vanilla with vanilla buttercream frosting. YUM!  I ordered this awesome banner from the Oriental Trading company that said "ONE NIGHT ONLY, Bladen Murray, ONE ROCKS. I really wanted all the guests and kiddos to feel special and included in the festivities, so I got custom made VIP backstage passes with each guest name on it.  To also fit the theme, I ordered custom wristbands that each guest got when they arrived.  They said "Admit ONE, Bladen's 1st Birthday.  For all the kids and babies I ordered personalized snack cups with either puffies for the babies and cookies for the older kids.  Pink and yellow for the girls and blue for the boys.  The font was the same 'metallica' font used for the party.  For the dessert table or "intermission munchies" I made drumsticks from pretzel sticks, Duff frosting and black and turquoise sprinkles.  I made microphone cupcakes with funfetti cupcake mix,  cake cones, Duff chocolate frosting and black sprinkles.  I made rockin' rice krispy treats from gluten free Rice Krispies.  I also made Slammin' sushi from homemade gluten free rice krispy treats and swedish fish.  The rest of the goodies included, pirates booty popcorn, haribo gummy bears, Pop rocks, and black and turquoise rock candy. 

For the decorations I got this amazing about me custom sign made from Pickle Noodle on Etsy that I had printed from Kinkos 24x36 size.  Bladen is half korean so I wanted to include some traditional festivities to the party as well.  I custom made his Doljabi sign from Staples and got cups and tickets from Michaels and Party City.  I found this huge notebook paper poster that I made a welcome sign with and also one for guests to write birthday wishes for the birthday boy! 

Bladen wore his traditional Korean hanbok for the beginning of the party and through the Doljabi. Before his big present reveal, I changed Bladen into his "ONE ROCKS" t-shirt and jeans. 




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