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Mario Themed Adult Birthday (22 photos)


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I threw Matthew a Mario themed party for his 28th birthday that we called Matthew's party! Matthew loves everything Mario and we thought it would be fun to get everyone together and play Mario games all night, including Marion kart and Mario Party. There was a whole Italian themed dinner for everyone including lasagna, pizza, garlic bread and bread sticks. Each of these were labeled with a Mario character like Luigi's Pizza Pie and Toad's Toasty Garlic bread. We had red and green silverware and Mario Mushroom Napkins too!

The party also had a whole Mario themed dessert bar, the best part of the party. Everything was DIY and featured:
A Mario themed backdrop with larger than life characters
Brick and question mark dessert display boxes
Green and Red Mushroom Cupcakes
Gumba Cake Bites
Star Cookie Pops
Piranha Plant Cookie pops that come out of their very own green tubes
Ice and Fire Flower Power Gumballs
Boo (the Mario ghost) also adorned birthday cake ice cream shots
A question mark Pinata box that dropped Gold Reese Peanut butter cups

For drinks we served Princess Peaches tipsy pink lemonade that was spiked pink lemonade and had red and green cups with Mario Mustaches for everyone.
We also had stick-able mustaches for guests to wear all night which was a hoot.

Everyone loved everything!


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