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Let's Go Camping! (12 photos)


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I love the outdoors and as a child, I loved to go camping! When I was contacted to create this theme party for a group of children, I must admit, I was thrilled!

Because most of our birthday parties are hosted at client's homes, I wanted to bring the rustic outdoor feeling to the backyard of this suburban neighborhood. I first decided to use wood logs as seating. This wasn't the easiest of tasks and required lots of heavy lifting, but the outcome was well worth it! I also used real leaves, trees, pinecones, berries as decorations on the table. I used mason jars wrapped with labels, purchased from Amanda's Parties to Go, and bandana's were used to wrap the utensils. Play tents were constructed very easily with pieces of wood and covered with scrap pieces of fabric to play in.

Games and activities consisted of: Make your own pinecone birds, sleeping bag relays, bear's den, trail mix bar, and make your own smore's. This is such a great party for boys and girls of any age and perfect for this time of year.

Teacups and Trucks
Mt. Pleasant, SC
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