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Pocoyo 1st birthday party for little Ryan.

Ryan like to watch Pocoyo - kids tv show. He would stop crying whenever his parent turn on pocoyo's show on tv. so then,  his parent decided to use this theme for his 1st birthday party.

here's the notes from Ryan's parent:

Time flies fast once you turn one,
So much to learn, so much fun.
Peek-a-boo, learning to talk,
Eating it all, learning to walk.
Loving to laugh and giggle and play,
Enjoying every moment of every day.
But while you innocently watch each day go by,
You’re unaware of the sighs we sigh . . .
For you’re growing up too fast for us.
We’ve seen it before and we know you must.
Soon you’ll be two, then three, then ten,
And we’ll look at you and wonder and say, “When?”
When did he grow up? How can this be?
Wasn’t it yesterday he looked up at me . . .
And reached for my arms . . .
And smiled that sweet smile . . .
And we prayed,
“Keep his little for still a little while.”

We know we could not and should not keep you little even a little while... but you will always be our little baby in mom and dad's heart. Our precious, just as precious as your sister Noreen. You are our second child, but not second in our heart... Hope you grow happy, healthy, loved, blessed and strong! Happy birthday Ryan!


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