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Hot Dog Birthday (24 photos)


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My husband loves hot dogs but he doesn't love birthday parties... birthday parties for himself. :) I knew if I was ever going to throw him a party it was going to have to be a surprise party! So a hot dog themed surprise party is what went down!! I set up a hot dog bar with tons of fixings and designed cute signs so everyone could know what to put together... Chili Cheese, American, West Coast, New Yorker, etc. I used a wooden palette to hang the hot menu. Red checkered tissue liners gave a pop of color to the paper plates and wooden forks were the perfect touch. Bright yellow sunflwers were on each table and plenty of roasted peanuts were tossed around for snacking. We had baked beans and crunchy coleslaw to go with the dogs.

Sweet Elizabeth made the most realistic looking hot dog EVER and it was absolutely delicious!! I had a little candy bar set up with whoppers, sour cherry's, yellow taffy, chocolate covered peanuts... anything I could find that was red, yellow or brown.

I strung hot dogs together to make a banner and had plenty of honeycomb and paper lanterns to make festive. 

Lacey Rabalais took all the pictures and she did such a fabulous job capturing all the details!


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