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In Love with "All Things Fall" Cocktail Party (49 photos)


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In Love with "All Things Fall" Cocktail Party

Fall is one of my favorite times of year so I wanted to have a fun, Fall themed, girls night cocktail party.  A lot of the women in attendance were from a professional women in their thirties Meetup group.  

Theme and Colors:

- The theme was In Love with "All Things Fall".  Several signs were posted listing the things we love about Fall.

- Instead of traditional Fall colors I went with more modern colors like, gray/silver, mustard yellow/gold, red-orange and blue.  Vibrant colors.

Cocktail Bar:

- Chalkboard name tags for the ladies.  

- Signature drink was Apple Ginger Punch.

- Mum garland for the backdrop.

- Embellished mason jars, martini glasses and wine glasses.

Food Table:

- Menu included: bacon wrapped dates, apple and brie brushetta, shrimp and mushroom polenta circles, grilled cheese dippers in shot glasses, squash and mozzarella skewers, stuffin cups, mini pumpkin cupcakes, autumn party mix, and cheese, dip and crackers board.

- Backdrop was mustard yellow/gold fabric with "Hello Autumn" sign and leaf garland.

- On the table: Menu sign and "In Love With" sign, vases filled with silver spray painted branches with leaves attached.

- Glitter forks, leaf embellished snack cups, etc.

Caramel Apple Bar:

- "Make Your Own" sign, burlap covered shelf, lots of apples with cute flags and leaves attached to sticks, APPLES framed signs and embellished silver spray painted candle holders.

- Caramel in fondue pot, mini chocolate chips, chopped nuts, sprinkes and m&m's.


- Two small cocktail tables covered with gray and orange fabric, flower arrangements in embellished vases, framed leaf and mum images, ribbon and mum embellished chairs.

Fall Display:

- Large and small mums, pumpkins and "In Love With" sign.

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It's Your Party by Ashlie
Chicago, IL
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