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Haunted Saloon Halloween Party (50 photos)


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Haunted Saloon Halloween Party

Last Halloween our friends hired us to come up with a theme and style a party for them.  We offered several options and they settled on a "Haunted Saloon" theme.

This was a ton of fun to plan.  I researched the wild west online and pulled old photos.  I made all of the signage/posters from scratch.

Gunslinger Graveyard:

This was the first thing guests were greeted to when they walked up the stairs.  It was a tight budget so I used spider webs and tombstones from the dollar store.  I created signs and attached them to the outside of the tombstones.  I also bought a cowboy costume kit from the dollar store which came in handy for props.  I used an old whiskey bottle bought from ebay and a skull from a party store and added a dollar store cowboy had to it.

Saloon Doors:

For the saloon doors I used foam core boards from the dollar store and used an x-acto knife to cut the shapes.  Then used acrylic paints for the doors and the "Deadwood" sign.

Dead Man's Poker Table prop:

This was fun to put together.  We used green felt, a staple gun and an old round table our friends had stored away.  I found old western poker playing cards on ebay and displayed those with poker chips.  Framed pictures represented each player with an iconic prop for each, i.e. Wyatt Earp's mustache and Doc Holliday's tuberculosis elixir.

Other decor:

Custom sinage/wanted posters, Happy Halloween, Y'all banner, old west lanterns, burlap on tables, mini cactus plants, cowboy costume props, old west pictures, etc.

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