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Laney's Neon 80s Skating Party (40 photos)


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What started off as just a neon duct tape party, evolved into an 80s party with blacklights and splatter paint. With the help of my best friend from Lillian Hope Designs, I was able to create a fun party that involved all of these elements.We started out in our clubhouse where the decorations were set up and ended the night at the local skating rink.

Upon arrival, the girls' hair was given an 80s makeover complete with a hair crimper, claw clips and neon headbands. They also made duct tape hair bows complete with rhinestones and then made glow in the dark art canvases at the Gnarly Paintin' Station.  Each girl also received some neon socks, glow in the dark aviator shades and mesh fingerless gloves.

I decided to have the dessert table be mostly black, so that the neon would really "pop".  For the backdrop I bought a large roll of butcher paper from Hobby Lobby that is especially made for flourescent paints. It was a lot of fun to splatter paint this paper, I was covered in paint by the end! I continued the splatter paint theme and made table runners to go on top of the table where the girls were sitting. Kara's best friend Alyssa with Bonbon du Kara did a great job of incorporating all of the different themes into the printables.

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